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Welcome, welcome. My name is Tess. I’m a native New Yorker now based in Athens, Greece. My work is featured in publications such as Flaunt, Dazed and Beauty Papers. I was also a contributing writer and assistant editor from 2018-2021 for the award-winning resistance magazine Good Trouble. My copywriting studio Telltale collaborates with high-end brands on web copy.
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Selected Works

“On the Mushroom Chapel”
Flaunt Magazine
The Magic Issue, Fall 2021

“The sun poured down like honey while we sipped on amphora aged Begleri, an indigenous white grape cultivated by the wine-loving monks of the island. Cigarette smoke escaped our lips when they weren’t interlocked. My mouth was, for all intents and purposes, wide open.”

“Elena Damiani
Flaunt Magazine
The Home Issue, Winter 2020

“Light and darkness is one of many dualisms Damiani rearranges, as her work fearlessly delves into the conundrums that dualities breed. Within every tendril of our conversation, dialectics of fact/fiction, past/present, and virtual/real continuously materialize like some sick philosophical game of Whac-A-Mole.“

“Acting Up with Avram Finkelstein”
Good Trouble
Issue 21, 2020

“For legendary artistic activist Avram Finkelstein, resistance is perennial; a continuous string of gestures that passes from one generation to the next. He plays the long game. He makes room for resistance and like cultivating fertile soil trusts that something great will grow.“ 

Sex Militant: Jex Blackmore
Beauty Papers & Good Trouble

“As a Satanist, she empowers radical theory by cultivating a diverse practice of nontraditional direct action. Jex has been characterized as a both religious heretic and a feminist icon. Duly noted is her role as a prime disruptor.” 

“Lucia Hierro”
Flaunt Magazine
The Looming Issue, Summer 2019

“The question we ruminate on is a difficult one: how does one subvert an art scene that has a particular talent for codifying acts of resistance? Making the work accessible and simultaneously hard to dissect is a tenuous balance, and failure means conflating politicalidentities into bite-size consumable moments.”

“Lizania Cruz: We The News”
Good Trouble
Digital, Winter 2020

“Lizania Cruz—participatory artist and designer—counters the pervasive spread of divisive rhetoric by physically creating space for the multitude stories that humanize immigration and its tendrils of being and belonging. We The News aims to rewrite the reductive expression of immigration as one, solidified struggle into the plural: a thriving, ever-present and complex web of narratives that can be voiced in many tones.”

“Future Of...”
Dazed Magazine
Futuretopia Issue, Summer 2019

250-word profiles of
artist Jacolby Satterwhite
designer Pyer Moss
non for profit Justfix.nyc
sex worker Maya Morena
graphic designer Ezra Miller
curator Meg Onli
artist Mary Mattingly,
and trans activist Linux.

An excerpt from interview with Linux is featured online.
PDF of print available on request.

W.E.B. Du Bois: Charting Black Lives”
Good Trouble
Digital, November 2019

“Vital to Du Bois’ sociological work was the translation of empirical evidence about the livelihood of African Americans into digestible, actionable graphic truths. At the turn of the century, Du Bois was a prominent leader among a generation of activists and scholars dedicated to countering pseudo-scientific, racist propaganda insidiously spread by white supremacists in Jim Crow’s America.”